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Norton AntiVirus is an anti-virus or anti-malware software product, developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation since 1991 as part of its Norton family of computer security products. It uses signatures and heuristics to identify viruses. Other features included in it are e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection.

Harry shares his frustrating experience on "Norton Secure VPN is a terrible product riding on the coattails of Norton's virus protection legacy reputation. I have had Norton's Security and VPN service for 18 months. It has not worked properly for any of that time."


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Sterile Processing Technician (Former Employee) says

"This place is a joke. It favors less qualified people than myself. Would never work for them again. The more work you do for them the more they'll take advantage of you. The pay is not very good. No evaluations or increase pay. Cons: Pay"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Norton's over all has great benefits and is a good company to work for. NCMA Barret has poor management & high turn over. Look elsewhere. Management plays favortism to certain employees and lets certain employees say and do what they want with no consequences. There is no accountability and no support from management."

PCA Personal Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Norton is a stressful work place ,management sucks like they very unprofessional they feel like they talk to you anyway, they barley like to train you and if you go to hr about a situation they won’t help you so they rather for you to quit your job before they help you with anything Cons: Lack of communication"

Patient Care Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Never saw my managers face in the whole year I worked here... staffing is poor, your safety is hardly cared for. They put the employees at risk daily. Cons: Only 30 min break for a 12 hours shift, terrible work environment"

PFS (Former Employee) says

"Review represents experience in PFS. Management is very poor. Employees treated like children. Very strict rules including managers walking around ALL day ensuring employees are not talking and "productive." Management treats employees like factory workers. No opportunity for advancement. Pay is based solely on experience, which is not relevant and is low relevant to other healthcare operations. Management hides behind HR and pretends to care about their employees when they really ONLY care that the work is completed by "month end." Mgt talks about HR policies constantly, even when the rules are clearly written for clinical employees. Strictly black and white. I could go on forever but the short review is this employer leaves little to desire. Cons: Low pay, strict rules, poor management, unpaid holidays, little work-life balance, poor benefits, etc"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"They make up lies, the call center environment is horrible. you are not even allowed to use the bathroom without being harassed! Don't even think about going to human resources they will never side with you"

Patient Care Assistant (CNA) says

"Workers are worked too hard and management doesnt care. Constant write ups and its hard to find help. Dont go to management becuase they dont care and HR does not care as well."

Maintenance Technician (Current Employee) says

"Over worked and under paid. A lot of turnover in the engineering department. Need competive pay to keep employees and less work. Cons: pay, turnover, over worked"

Security (Current Employee) says

"Nepotism, back stabbing management, favoritism, avoid at all costs. The pay is decent but the people make it miserable. Don’t expect to advance into a higher position."

RN Staff Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Outsiders beware! If you are not from here, you will never be included. Top management down had a very toxic management style. Actual words at onboarding were, " we dont care how much experience you come with, everyone starts back at zero.""

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Beware! “Fake Nice” is an actual terminology used. Plays well with other organizations to gain respect and exploit their (fake) integrity to the public."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"It want fair treatment at Norton’s. It was a lot of politics involved. They barely showed you how to do the work and the turnover was bad so you didn’t receive proper training."

Sleep Tech (Former Employee) says

"Loved my actually job, but would much rather do it somewhere else. I worked at Norton for 6 years and there were no improvements in my department. Always running out of supplies, constant equipment problems with no extras equipment to replace. Managers that refused to deal with employees not pulling their weight in the department. Managers sre not engaging within the department. The ONLY reason I left this job is management. Its a stressful environment that they refuse to deal with it. Cons: Management as a whole with Norton. Very disappointing for such a large company!!"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"There were a lot of opportunities, however, if your manager doesn't give you the time to take advantage of them, or they don't want you to, you're stuck. The HR/Management system is for themselves and not the employee, just like corporate America is said to be, just not what I expected. I met a lot of great people there, and was fairly compensated. As a tip for prospects, your job description is a generic guideline, you could definitely be thrown into a completely different demanding, different role, likely because they're unable to fill it because there's a job opening due to turnover for whatever reason. Therefore, you'll no defense in regards to sole job duties and you may not feel fairly compensated when you're doing 2 or more people's jobs. Cons: Favoritism, Nowhere To Go & Nothing To Do If You Have A Complaint."

ANALYST/TRAUMA REGISTRAR (Current Employee) says

"This company has afforded me the opportunity to be gainfully employed for well over 10 years. The other employees and friendships that I have made are phenomenal. Cons: There should be more personell to step in during vacations and illness."

Janice says

"Subscription renewal just taken from my bank account even though I had set it NOT TO RENEW in my account settings. Don't bother to try & contact them - impossible. I notice they don't bother to send any reminder emails that renewal is due, neither do they bother to check their Trustpilot reviews - if they did, they would see how bad their customer service is. Recommend you buy alternative antivirus product."

Ann Websdale says

"Person who set up my new package forgot to un tick Automatic Renewal. So just found on Bank Statement £84.99 has been taken on our credit card. I only normally pay £29.99.....Ive had no previous message saying they are going to take the money like they say . When I do a Virus Scan it says I'm covered for 385 days, when I go to my Account it says Expired. So I can't cancel Automatic Renewal. 😡. I tried online chat, waiting time went up instead of down. I've phoned UK phone number to only speak to a bloody Robot..... Only solution is to cancel our credit card so they can't take next Jan. Soooo annoying. I just want to speak to someone with a heartbeat...Crap company ."

C'est Moi says

"Had a similar experience to that of many on here. Credit card was charged for auto-renewal despite that (1) no advance notice was given of either the renewal OR the increase in charge, and (2) credit card transaction was supposedly logged as an "in person" charge (um, no). Waited online 45 min or so till finally got a rep on the chat line. They claimed I *had* received prior notice....nope. Tried to renew me anyway, at a lower rate. Again, nope - why would I trust them again? Finally, had NO answer for why it logged as an "in person" transaction. Eventually (after I said I was filing a complaint with FTC & my credit card company), the rep agreed to issue a refund. I have to admit I did feel sorry for her - but she chooses to work for this company, sooo...... I'm definitely switching to a different anti-virus provider. Norton has become horrible ever since they partnered with LifeLock. Deceptive billing and hard-sell practices make for unhappy customers."

Daniel says

"Norton's Customer Support are just a bunch of crooks and con artists! - Why is support staff quoting (significantly) more than the cost of renewing from within the online portal? - And why are subscriptions always (significantly) cheaper on 3rd party websites? I must say - I've had dealings with Norton's Customer Support on more than a few occasions. ...and it has never been a pleasant experience. I always get the idea they're trying to upsell, lie or cheat. Norton, you should look after customers better. ...or maybe retrain staff to do so!"

Consumer says

"I've been on a chat hold with Norton for 3 hrs & 50 minutes, I need help with my vault password. When I had 1 hr & 20 minutes left to hold on I get a chat message that my chat was over. Whaaaaat? Are you kidding me? If due to error I can try again. I will NEVER purchase from this company again, the arrogance of thinking people have 4 hours to wait and then cutting off the chat is ridiculous."

Michael o brien says

"Terrible it took me 2 hours to install it and they wanted a credit card for auto renewal. Now when I launch it and try to log in and it keeps saying can’t connect to Norton server. I have to launch a web page to sign in. So I ran Norton repair it says 1 problem can’t be fixed contact support so I did a live chat only to be told there’s a waiting time of 54 minutes. I’m uninstalling this tomorrow and going with Kaspersky."

John Oliveira says

"Norton treats customers like fools. I feel that their marketing practices are deceptive, especially their automatic renewals, which are at very high prices and are done well in advance of the renewal date. Hey Norton, how about being honest and treating customers with respect? One more thing, like so many other large companies, their customer service seems quite poor to me. In short, bye bye Norton! Good luck finding some other suckers."

Karen Coombs says

"Awful and fraudulent. They have take. 94.99 out of my account without my authorisation, it has come up as point of sale debit card transaction. I can’t make contact as I changed my email a while ago and there is no effective way to co,municate. The live chat repeatedly ends the session with 41 minutes wait time still to go, and the phone is not answered however long you wait. Non existent customer service and fraudulant."

Steve Knott says

"DO NOT sign up to Nortons automatic subscription, they will RIP you off with their prices despite offering cheaper deals on their website, they're like insurance companies who also RIP you off if you don't check. They even took payment 5 weeks before my subscription was due for renewal. I have been a Norton customer for several years but this will be the last! look after your loyal customers Norton or they will dump you."

Ken macaulay says

"My granddaughter bought a new Lenova laptop which was delivered promptly and as l work with computers l installed and enabled the Microsoft office software and browser software—no problems about 10 minutes worth .On attempting to download the Norton software it was a no go and a call was needed from them .The rep called about 20 minutes later and lied through his teeth about supposed problems on the internet connection —utter crap and l eventually disconnected him and am now contacting them for a refund —never ever again !—incidentally this is not a unique experience."

Mary Lee Struwve says

"I have canceled-they auto renewed AGAIN even after I changed credit card this has happened multiple times!"

kevin foley says

"Auto-renewal came through at >£100. Challenged the price via online chat. Offered me a discount to <£95. I checked prices on a well-known online store where I could purchase for <£22, that's a reduction of over £80 from the original auto-renewal price!!!! Thus firm is ripping folks off."

R B says

"I have switched to Norton from Eset today and am very unhappy. I have spent hours trying to whitelist a programme (that takes only seconds to do in Eset) with no success. I have resorted to livechat to try and get support. The wait time was over an hour and kept growing the longer I waited. It would also update less than every minute with an audible ping to tell me I still had an hour to wait - a terrible and annoying system. After an hour and forty minutes waiting, I was finally connected to an agent. I explained by problem, which he didn't seem to understand, and then I was immediately disconnected. I reconnected to livechat and was told I had another hour to wait. I cannot phone or email for assistance as live chat is the only option available. I can't even write a complaint to norton except over live chat, so I am resorting to writing a review because people should know this is a truly terrible waste of their money."

Jean Cawood says


Michael lewis says

"My Norton internet security agreement was to end on the 30th Dec 2020 . Norton informed me that £75 would be taken from my credit card on the 25th Nov 2020. The price had increased by £50 .I contacted Norton on the 24th Nov and told them I did not want to renew the cover after Dec expiry date. Norton was left in no doubt that I was not happy about their renewal processes Hence no monies where deducted from my CC In December Today I checked my credit card statement only to find £75 was paid to Norton on the 11th Jan 2021.I,m now in the process of getting my monies back WARNING DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH NORTON ,THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED"

Yasmin says


Lee Frampton says

"Dreadful company dreadful product. VPN is not fit for iPhone purpose. Endless scanning making the phone in operative. Support is non existent after numerous emails messages feed back etc absolutely no interest from them. I have cancelled my auto subscription renewal and turned off the VPN. I went for the special offer price for one year. So I’ll keep an eye on my bank account at the end of the year. Don’t trust them. Then I’ll delete the app from my phone. Keep well away from this company. UPDATE: best way to deal with the company is using their live chat. Quicker Waite times 3 mins. This morning with no question I was refunded fully and was in my account instantly. My subscription was cancelled and confirmed renewal cancelled as well. Obviously I need to see at the end of the year but I’ve advised my bank and photoshot of the live chat."

Howard Dorne says

"I echo the other one star reviews. Norton sent a notification that a markedly inflated price (5 times the price payed previously) was charged for renewal and suggest that the current subscription had already expired. Their customer service warned that if I cancelled I would be unprotected, failing to mention what a bit of subsequent research showed: there were still more than 30 days left on my subscription. After using Norton for many years, I cancelled the renewal and demanded a refund of the auto-charged amount."

P Barker says

"A rip off. They take your annual subscription 5 weeks in advance in the blink of an eye and then offer to pay a refund in 4-5 days !. No valid reason other than to improve their cash flow and the expense of yours They seem to have access to card details that you have not provided. I took my original subscription on Card A. In December I received Card B (a completly different number) from my bank (NatWest) ...card A had been compromised. I never contacted Norton yet they debited card B. how? Stick with Windows Defender (free). Norton is, expensive and uses aggressive marketing principles."

Mr & Mrs Lawrenson says

"After years of being a loyal Norton customer I'll never use or recommend their products ever again. They trap your card details (mandatory for installation) and charge £89 renewal EVEN IF YOU'VE OPTED OUT THE AUTO RENEWAL - avoid this unethical vendor. The customer services line refused to correct their error or refund their mistake. I simply don't have the time to chase this mess up - if you also value your time, avoid this vendor and choose another reputable brand."